My Digital Footprint

Catherine Garduno

What is digital footprint, and why is it important?

  • Digital footprint is the trace you leave behind online.
  • Its important because if its bad it can affect you negatively, when getting a job or even at school for example.
  • Your digital footprint tells people who you are as a person

My digital footprint

The tools I use to affect my digital footprint are Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. I use these tools to keep in touch with people, post about things going on in my life and to stay informed of the things going on around me.

Here are some examples of my digital footprint

What impact does my digital footprint have on my future

Positive- My digital footprint is mostly positive. I post a lot about the things i do with friends and family and that will affect me positively later in my future

Negatives- There aren't many negative things on my digital footprint. Maybe sometimes friends tagging me in appropriate things are curse words coming from other people. Having a negative digital footprint though can affect your future depending on how bad. Your job might be affected after they take a look or even at school.

Things I can do to improve my digital footprint

  • Post more about my achievements and the things i am involved in.
  • Actually build up your digital footprint so that when someone looks you up you come up and hopefully when they look at your footprint its all good things they see

Things I learned this semester about positive digital footprint

  • To maintain a positive Digital Footprint you must first have a decent amount of footprint to look at.
  • Making other accounts like on twitter or websites like LinkedIn can help
  • Post about things you're involved in like school games and sports you're in
  • The things you post on social media can affect your digital footprint greatly