A Global Issue

More than just the U.S.

-There was a screening for Autism in Mexico.

-There is a report on “Challenges, Coping Strategies and Unmet Needs of Families with a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Goa, India.”

- “Communities in Community Engagement: Lessons Learned from Autism Research in South Africa and South Korea”

-Studies [and screenings] are taking place in Albania, Ethiopia, India/Pakistan, and Taiwan

-Collaborations with partners in more than 20 countries across six continents have been established to date. Launched in 2008, Autism Speaks’ Global Autism Public Health (GAPH) Initiative is an international science and advocacy effort focused on the development of public health policies and effective programs for autism awareness, research and service delivery.

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Many countries struggle with limited government resources and widespread poverty. Isolated villages and large expanses pose yet another challenge to population screening and access to treatment. [Some achievements from the past few years have been…]

  • Over the last two years, every Army base in Bangladesh has opened a school for children with autism.

  • In India, Autism Speaks has assisted in the translation of important diagnostic tools.

  • In the Philippines, Autism Speaks is providing technical assistance to launch a national epidemiology study.

  • In Saudi Arabia, government agencies and foundations have invested heavily in autism research and services, even developing a special health care card to speed access to services discounts for those on the autism spectrum.

  • Hungary, one of the few European countries with a national strategy plan for autism, has 500 schools and 12 residential homes for individuals with autism.
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Goals of the National Autism Board and Officials

  • “Raising public and professional awareness of autism

  • Providing information and resources for parents and professionals

  • Collecting public health information to better identify affected individuals and their needs

  • Conducting professional training in diagnosis, early intervention and medical care

  • Providing evidence-based services for adults as well as children”(Autism Speaks Global Autism Public Health Initiative)


  • Doctors are still trying to figure out why people become diagnosed so at this point in time there is no cure

  • Donate to Autism Speaks, a foundation that helps support autism research

  • Spread awareness, let people know what it is and what they can also do

  • Be supportive, you don’t always know what people are going through so never judge somebody before you know them


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  • We chose to spread awareness and educate on our topic

  • We went back to our former 7th and 8th grade classes and shared a presentation with them as well as a quick activity

  • If you’d like some basic information, here is our presentation


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