scary movies

are scary

the watch

One Day i watched a movie called mirrors. It was scary , i coverd my eyes for most of the movie. in the movie all of the people were dying because of there reflections in the mirror killed them. A man was working at a glass store and there was a mirror on the wall and he stoped to look at his self. His reflection jumped out and killed him.
The was finally over. I ademediatly ran up stairs ducking and dodging every mirror in the house. I then flew into my bed like an airplane. I had my eyes closed wishing the movie was out of my head.
My mom asked what was wrong. i Said ''i saw a scary movie''. ''i can help u with that''.

then she hepled me out of bed.she took me to the bathroom.

When we got to the bathroom she told me to sit on the toilet.a minut later she took my hand and pulled me up.i looked in the mirror and i stood there the i got over it the end