Life or elements?

Why you should study the elements.


First the element of hydrogen. Did you know that the sun lets out 600,000,000 tons of hydrogen a second? “75% of the visible universe is hydrogen” (p. 15) . So that’s why we can see with the 600,000,000 tons of hydrogen floating around in space. So without hydrogen we could not see.


Next is the element of carbon. “Carbon is the most important element of life, period” (p. 23). For example carbon can make up every living thing to the rarest of diamonds and many other things. Also did you know that 25 years ago that the graphite in pencils was another form of carbon? Some pencils still have the carbon graphite in it today. Now let’s look at the last element.


Now lastly the element of nitrogen. Since the beginning of time, “Modern civilization has been pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We’ve been pulling out nitrogen and eating it” (p.27). For example the Ammonia Fertilizer also known as a form of nitrogen has been feeding one – third of the world since world war one. Also with the fertilizer it has stopped global warming in the world.


This smore was for a project for my comunication arts class. So I wanted to influence kids to study the wonders of these three elements. So hoped you liked it and study the elements.