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Austin Fieldtrip

I want to thank everyone involved for helping to make Austin Fieldtrip such a successful learning experience! It takes lots of planning to make sure that students have a smooth educational fun filled day in our state capital. We will talk about things we saw in Austin the rest of the school year in our Social Studies class.

Texas Hero Powerpoints or Prezi started in Computer Lab this week!

All students have choosen a person that has played a key role in helping to create our great state in some fashion. When they signed up in Computer Lab everyone had the opportunity to read about the Texas Iconic person and come to me with any confusion or questions. We have made a basic powerpoint together. They are welcome to add to or recreate their own from this point forward. If they are famaliar with Powerpoints and would like to create a Prezi presentation instead I encourage them to do that as well. I will provide two complete computer lab sessions for them to complete this assignment. Many find a bit of classroom time that they can work on this and they are welcome to tweak it at home too. We will share these presentations in class the last week of January. I hope they have fun, learn much while researching and creating a short presentation.
Students are working on the powerpoint in computer lab but they are welcome to work on it at home too. Students may make a prezi if they would like to do that. All fourth graders are studying weather and are required to create a weather report like a meteoroligist might do on TV and present on the day they signed up. This should be done at home. I will provide a map for them to use during their report. They may tape their home made weather icons to this map. Ex. cold front, warm front, rain, snow, wind, temperatures. This should include the days weather and a prediction for the next day or week as well.

Stribling Fourth Grade Science Texas History and Technology Information

I hope this short newsletter helps parents to see what their student is doing in class and what they might help them with if needed. If you have any questions the fastest way will be to email. I will be glad to return any phone calls at the end of the day. I hope your student is enjoying their journey of learning.