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May 9, 2016

Dr. Rhodes' Weekly Message

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The Power of One. Thank you for what you give individually to make our collective "one" great!

Calendar Updates

*We have changed the date of Saturday "Open Campus" from 5/21 as published in the calendar, to 5/14 from 9am-1pm.

*Our Monthly Fire Drill will be held on 5/17 at 9am

*Our Chess Club is holding a Tournament on 5/24 in the gym at 6pm.

*All Professional Staff Members to complete Bright Byte Survey before 5/26

*3rd-5th Grade Teachers to have students complete the Bright Byte Survey before 5/26. Link and QR code given to Team Leaders

Please see Outlook calendar for further details on events.

To Do...

On May 2nd, all teachers should have been emailed a link to a survey from at Hanover Research. Please take this opportunity to give feedback to the Katy ISD Curriculum and Instruction Department. Results from this 5-10 minute survey will help the Curriculum and Instruction Department improve and prioritize their work on future trainings and resources. I encourage you to complete this survey to give helpful feedback.

To celebrate STAAR Week, wear nice jeans all week long with a professional top. As a precaution, tops/shirts should have minimal wording, pictures, etc. We don't want to have anything on our clothing (words, pictures, etc) that could be an example or an answer on the STAAR.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

We are a closed campus this week. There will be no visitors, deliveries, etc.

Thanks to everyone for your support during the StuCo Fruit Drive. Please continue to encourage your students to participate and bring cans of fruit through this Friday. To clarify, only the winning class on each grade level get the extra minutes of recess calculated by the amount of cans collected by that class. We are arranging pick-up with Katy Christian Ministries early next week. All StuCo homeroom Reps and Officers will be called out of class in pick-up day to assist in the collection of the cans. Students will be out of class for 30-45 minutes. More information will be coming to you via email this week.

We will continue our Pink and Blue Sticky note class creation process we began last year. I will order "super sticky" pink and blue post-its for us to use. Once these are delivered I will get them to you along with the directions, colored dots, and separation request forms we will use. Cards and Sticky Notes must be completed when you come to your Class Creation Meeting. Please note on the paper calendar the afternoon of your meeting. We will make this a more thoughtful process by completing the meetings after school, instead of during a planning period. Attendance is required. Please note that all TWI and Bilingual Class Creations (K-4) will be on one day.

Shout Outs

"Mr. Greene helped me after school this past week...He is always to help."

"Mrs. Torres hustled to get a student what he needs, even though she has been very busy getting everything ready for STAAR. I truly appreciate her dedication to our students."

"Jacque truly lifted my spirits one day this week when I was feeling very down. She didn't even know that I was sad, but she's so sweet and so kind that I walked away feeling much better. I'm glad she joined our staff!"

Thank you to all staff members who volunteered their time to help with Read, Deed, Run this school year. Students completed their marathon this past Saturday at Rhodes Stadium. Thanks to volunteers who were there to cheer them on!!

If you have shout outs for a staff member, email them to me before Sunday and I will include them in our newsletter.

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