Child Obesity

Angela Sirman

Have you ever...

Some parents have whiny children that cry for everything. They cry whenever they want chips, soda or candy. So their kids can be quiet, they give them whatever they want, but parents don't know what they are actually doing to their children.

Child Obesity (consequences)

An obese child, in school or out of school, can hear many accusations and suffer from bullying. This can hurt the child so much they can go into deep depression.

Another cosequence can be heart problems. According to, All the grease the food contains go to the veins that lead to the heart and then the heart doesn't get to pump the blood that needs to be pumped, this can lead to heart attacks. If it does cause a heart attack that person will be in danger of dying. Or become ill.

Unhealthy rewards for children (parents mistakes)

There are sometimes when parents have to bribe children to get them to do things, like chores for example. These bribes might include chips or candy. I'm not saying kids cant have a cookie once in while, but parents can't just be giving kids anything they want just because they cry or throw tantrums. When parents give children these things they don't know what they are actually doing to their children. Parents don't actually know that they are putting their kids at risk of getting child obesity. According to, 18 percent of American children are obese. Thats about a million kids in the world who are obese.

What i think...

I think that parents, instead of giving children junk food, should give them and apple or a carrot if their hungry between lunches.