See You at Harry's

By: Dejia Hudecek

What type of people should read this book?

Well if you like sad stories and emotional stories you might want to read this book.

4 important things that happens in the book

1. there dad owns a restaurant and has these people come and make a ad for his restaurant

2. she finds a big secret of her older brother holden

3. A huge accident comes and its not good

4. people annoy fern so much that she wants to crawl in a hole

My favorite character in the book

My favorite character in this book is Sara because she works at Harry's and scoops ice cream all day I mean who wants to bake fries and burgers. She is 20 years old and is there sibling. She is snotty because in the car on the way to harry's holden asked, "Is this a dad suprise?" "It better not be, said Sara." And that was sort of rude.