housing in singapore


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Housing in Tiong Bahru [past]

This pictures are taken at Tiong Bahru,We also sketch out the housing area there. The response we got from the residence were...

Qn: How is the living enviroment in Tiong Bahru?

Response: The living enviroment here is very quite,peaceful and convenient.

Qn: Why are you still living in Tiong Bahru eventhough its old?

Response: It is because the buildings is very decorative, unique and well preserved.

Qn: What is your favourite place in Tiong Bahru?

Response: The Market, Because there is a lot of choices and also I can relax my mind on a stressful day.

Qn: What makes you still stay in Tiong Bahru?

Response: The place is very chilling and relaxing.

Qn: How long have you been living in Tiong Bahru?

Response: 10 years.

The landing survey

Housing In Sengkang [Present]

The housing in sengkang now is more advance and modern. The type of building now is not grounded like before. Its statue now is big and tall. The children nowadays are very privilege to live in the environment now. The environment now is very convient,you can get bus and light rail transit[LRT] to go anywhere.
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Housing in the future.

The housing the future will be more complex and the structure of the building will change weirdly. The transport then would also be very advance and weird for the olden people who see the difference between the present and future. Not forgetting the technology too.
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