8 aspects of Religion

What are symbols ?

A symbols is something that represents or stands for something. Symbols are usually used in a all kinds of different clubs/ religions such as the Catholic churches symbols are cross, dove,bread, wine and fire to represent them.

Myth and other stories.

A myth and other stories can and can't be true, a myth is a traditional story .

The Jewish get there Myths and other stories from what people have written in the past.

The Catholic get there Myths and other stories from what the disciple have written.


A belief is something that you follow but it usually is true.

Catholics belief in God and Jesus

Jews belief in God as well.


Ritual is something you do over and over like and tradition that has a meaning. Such as my family at christmas time put the Christmas tree up every year.

A Jewish Ritual is that most Jews go to a synagogue on Friday nights.

Sacred Texts

A book that is holy such as a bible.

Catholics sacred texted is the bible

Jews sacred texted is the old testament in the bible.

Social Structure

Is an order of people who are in charge.

The Catholic social structure goes The Pope, Cardinals, Bishop and priest.

The Jewish social structure is the Rabbi is like a priest.


Code of Behaviours.

The Ten commandments is a good example of Ethics, both Catholic and Jewish follow the ten commandments.

Religious expectancy and spirituality

Relating to human or soul.

Jewish spirituality is important because we live in a world of intentions

Catholic is the same as Jewish