Automated Reports Using a DMS

Automated Reports Using a Dealer Management Software

Reports & analytics have assumed a very importance space in the knowledge economy that we currently operate in. Availability of data or reports is key to making important and accurate businesses decision and therefore fundamental to the growth & expanding scale of business.

Owning and operating a new or used car dealership necessitates the use of a number of management systems that must function in coherence to one another such that there is complete & efficient control of inventory and tracking of accounts across departments.

Given the size of operations and complexity, managing a dealership is not an easy business; inefficient accounts and disorganized systems create a whole new set of challenges that your business could do without. This is where dealer management software or DMS can help you.

What is Dealer Management Software?

A DMS is a set of software tools that are especially designed to streamline the whole process of management for any auto dealer. One of the largest retail sectors, auto dealerships contain a number of departments like leasing, accounts, new sales, credit, customer service and more. DMS offers an efficient way to track all the sales, finances and business inventories, create automated reports and trackers, and makes it easier to share information between all the departments within a dealership.

How DMS helps in automating reports?

Financial and inventory reports help in advanced dealer management. Data pertaining to CRM, accounts, sales of vehicles and parts, workshop diaries, stock management, service management and more needs to be collated, if a dealership is to know how well it is doing, and how close to its target it really is. A dealer management system software takes the guesswork and human error out of it for you. By automating reports, a DMS ensures that you have instant access to accurate and real-time data on your screens whenever you need it.

Data from varied different processes funnels into a centralized reporting system thereby reducing the possibility of errors, duplicate reporting and other inefficiencies. Ultimately, automating reports using a dealer management software system will serve to enhance business communication, inter-departmental coordination, improved decision-making, and customer experience.

About Excellon

Excellon 5 is an end-to-end, next-generation dealer management software that delves into cloud capabilities to deliver a much more robust and on-demand platform. The in-built features come with intuitive capabilities to deliver a great customer experience. For the dealers, it helps improve efficiencies, create better resource management and deliver improving profits for the shareholders. The company is squarely focussed on innovation and excellence with both facets contributing to the continued success.