Setting Goals

Academic Goals:Earn at least "A's/B's" in all my classes.

Athletic Goals:Join At least one sport this school year.

Personal Goals:Organize my plans

Overcoming Obstacles

Physical Obstacles:Have my life organize and be prepare.

Family Obstacles:Some family obstacles is taking care of them and making sure they are not sick.

School Obstacles:Moving to the campus to focus more on my studies

Financial Obstacles:Having to save up money


Teachers/Coaches:Mrs. Mcgowen because we talk and she inspires to me to accomplish my dreams.

Relatives:My sister Doris,Cousin Michelle,Cousin Gladys,and my mom

Friends:My friends Marisol Dejessus and Amie Nuygen

Your Personal Action Plan

Attitude/Motive Plan:Have a positive attitdude and be grateful on what I have.

Education/Traing Plan:Going to get all the education I can get in order to be successful

Plan For Acquiring Needed Skills:Focusing on my test and get really good grades.

Plan for Study And Practice:Never change my palns and stay focus in school.