Bryant's Newsletter

Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking

Upcoming Dates


23—Fun Night


2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week

3-Texas Roadhouse Night

5- Morning with Mom 8:00-8:30

6- Kindergarten Field Trip to Wild Animal Safari

5-Sky Zone Night

16-Field Day

17- Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony @ 2:00

19-Last Day- School releases at 1:20

Math application and musical practice embedded.

Please, please, please sign up! It takes a village! I am volunteering Friday evening and Saturday.

Some of this Week's Learning:

Language Arts- Guided Reading, Predicting and Connections in Read aloud books, and Sight words, differentiated sorts with Words Their Way

Math- 3D shapes-cylinder, cube, sphere, and cone. We will take our chapter test on Friday.

Writing- Letters, Fiction, and Narratives. Grammar, editing, and spelling.

Science- Animal classifications.

Health- Memorizing our phone number and address

Phone Number

Please let me know by this Friday which phone number (one) you would like for your child to focus on memorizing for Health. If I don't hear from you I will have them work on memorizing mom's cell number because that is the number I have had my own children memorize. You can FB message me, email, or send a note with your child. The direct links to FB and my email are embedded in the bottom of this newsletter. Thanks!

Math Support Needed

UPDATE- We still need shapes. All we got in last week was 1 tissue box, If you could find 10 minutes in the next two days to help your child find spheres, cubes, cones, and cylinders around the house it would not only make our museum Wednesday really cool, but give your child some real world exposure and awareness to what we are learning in school.

(From last week's newsletter) This Thursday we will begin chapter 12 in math;Three-Dimensional Shapes. I would love to have a shape museum in our classroom of real world 3D shapes. We will be studying spheres, cubes, cones, and cylinders. If you could have your child look around your house and gather one of each shape that we could borrow for our museum I would be oh so grateful. Please label your items if you wish for them to be returned at the end of our unit. I would love to have all of the shapes returned by Monday, April 18th.

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