Ryan Family Updates

Everything they can't fit in the police logs

Memorial Day Cookout

Sunday, May 26th 2013 at 12pm

Onset, Wareham, MA

Wareham, MA

Bring Your Own...Everything. If you're looking for the best do-it-yourself cookout around, stop by the cottage and enjoy whatever drinks and food you pack for yourself. People will probably be around Saturday and Sunday, but the official "cookout" will be on whichever day has the best weather.

Dear Mama....

To all the moms and the aunties who put up with us kids all year long, Happy Mother's day! We appreciate everything you do. XOXO

Marriage: The Main Cause of Divorce

Congratulations to Tim & Olivia and Kevin & Heather on their recent engagements!

We're all looking forward to celebrating (read: drinking) with you soon.

Other news you "kneed" to know

Auntie Mary's knee surgery went well, and she's finally starting to feel better. She's making her recovery at the Life Care Center in West Bridgewater, MA and is looking forward to getting home to see her baby, Jingles, soon. If you'd like to help in her recovery, please send Grey Goose in lieu of flowers.

Sam Ryan, Welcome to the Christmas Swap!

Sam graduates from George Mason on May 18th, which makes him eligible to participate in the Christmas swap this year as someone over 18 who is no longer enrolled in school.

It also makes him eligible to get a job, pay rent, and live a miserable existence in the corporate world...uh, I mean...congratulations!

Where forth art thou, Ed?

Brother Ed flew in from Kuwait, swapped out his Birka for his Hawaiin shirts, and headed right back out to Guam. He'll be returning in a month or so, which means your "private" weekends at the cape won't last long....unless you can get him a sweet deal on that trailer he's been eyeing in the side lot.

Need a place to stay? Kevin and Heather are right around the way....

Kevin and Heather arrive home from Colorado on 5/10 and will be spending the summer in Wareham, MA, not far from the Cottage. It's a two bedroom, and since they're living in sin and sharing a room, that leaves room for the rest of us to crash.

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