The Cool Cats Newsletter


All About ME!

We are currently studying All About ME! The kids love talking about themselves and learning more about who they are. This week, we have focused on how special and unique each student is. How we are alike and how we are different. We traced ourselves and made big bodies and decorated a small body. Have your child show you their body in the hall way! The loved doing the large body art and were really pleased with themselves when they were finished!

Language and Literacy

Everyday we focus on language and literacy in the classroom. We try to help students develop a love of learning and books that will last a lifetime by creating fun opportunities to explore them. Not only do we read stories, but we also predict what will happen next and answer comprehension questions related to the story. We have some really smart friends in our class who LOVE to talk about the books we read. Not only do we read a book during large group time and transitions times, we also love to read during center times. Often it starts with reading one on one and then by the end of the story there are several children joining in. We also we do an emergent reader every week in small groups. This is a short book with predictable text that we go through one page at a time with each student. Please ask your child to read it to you or read it with them. Retelling familiar stories, using picture cues and repeating predictable text all help each child to become a reader!

Center Time

In preschool, we have lots of time for students to explore centers on their own. This provides such a wide variety of learning opportunities for the children. They have the chance to self select what they want to do and who they want to play with. They learn to negotiate with friends, share and take turns. They also get to explore and figure out how and why things work. Several students discovered magnets in the science center this week and had a blast learning what would stick to the magnet. There was lots of trial and error as well as delight when they learned what would work!

Important Dates

09.23.2016 No PreK - Teacher Workday - BASP Provided

09.28.2016 Early Release @ 12 pm - BASP Provided

10.03.2016 - 10.07.2016 Fall Book Fair