The Last Cato

(Matilde Asensi)


The nun Ottavia Salina, paleograph prestigious working for the Secret Archives of the Vatican, he was commissioned to decipher a strange tattoos having the body of an Ethiopian. Accompanied by an archaeologist of Alexandria and the captain of the Vatican Swiss Guard, will face seven cities like Antioch, Jerusalem and Alexandria, seven tests based on the seven sins capitales.La exciting and dangerous adventure will lead you to the last boss a mysterious religious sect, the Catones, repositories of Vera Cruz, the relics of the cross of Christ

Biography of the writer Matilde Asensi:

Matilde Asensi born in Alicante. In 1999 he published his first novel, The Amber Room, and "lacobus" (2000) began conquering a territory of readers permeating then only some great foreign writers. With his next novel, The Last Cato (2001), he established himself as an expert storyteller and took the leap abroad. The last Cato is not only his best-selling novel but remains a benchmark for lovers of history, adventure and knowledge. In 2003, Lost origin, Asensi skillfully combines the secrets to computer hackers, and Everything Under the Sky (2006) takes readers to the Great Emperor of China. Between these two titles published Peregrinatio (2004), a fictionalized guide that gets the protagonists of Iacobus for a journey along the Camino de Santiago. Martin Silver Eye, its latest installment, is the writer's approach to the Golden Age, and brings together in one volume already published Mainland (2007) and Revenge in Seville (2010)


If you like the mystery stories, I recommend you this book because You hooked up with the plot of the story.

You can imagine all trips made by these three friends and all tests they have to go to achieve his goal.