News From the Nest

March 18th


I was so proud of so many of our students for participating in the Battle of the Books competition this year. Groups of 6-8 students read a total of 12 books over the last few months. On Thursday, four groups of third graders competed in the gym by answering a number of questions about the books. It was quite a tight competition, which is evidence of some excellent reading! The winning team will compete next Wednesday at Jefferson Junior High against third grade teams from the other 5 grade schools from our district. Congratulations to all participants!

Winning Team!

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We finished our class read aloud, Little House in the Big Woods this week and started watching the original movie. I'm sure this has helped the students picture what life was like in the Midwest 100 years ago! We will try to finish it up next week in whatever free time we can find!

We looked at various "primary sources" in reading by closely examining authentic pictures of life long ago. This is an additional way we can gain information about a topic. Next week we will begin to research on life right here in DuPage County.

Next week, I will also be individually assessing each student on reading fluency. I already started this week and I am impressed with the improvements I've been seeing! I do not think I will be sending home a fluency practice next week (we'll take a little break!). I would like students to focus on reading their chapter books to be sure EVERYONE reaches their AR goal this quarter!! Next Thursday is the last day to take quizzes. Fifteen students have reached their goal so far.


Students evaluated their informational writing with partners and determined areas that needed improvements. We also looked at some well-written, published informational books to see what professional authors do when writing to see if there were some techniques we could use in our own writing. I suggested the students take home their writing notebooks this weekend to share their writing with their families. If you have time, listen to their suggestions on how they plan on adding some "flare" and creativity to their writing. Some students are well on their way to getting this complete and some still have details and changes they would like to add.


Most students started the Unit 3 Understanding Fractions final test. We will work on getting this finished next week, as well as work on our Real World Experience. Students will be using fractions to design an obstacle course with various types of activities. This is a nice way to incorporated their knowledge from PE into math.

I will also be assessing students on multiplication and division fluency next week. These timed tests will be used to evaluate students proficiency for report cards.

IXL topics:

  • Fractions on a number line: W.15 - W.19
  • Equivalent Fractions: X.1 -X.5
  • Compare Fractions: Y.1 - Y.12

Students can practice facts on

Memorizing multiplication facts is crucial at this age. All mathematical concepts from now on will most likely rely on knowing these facts automatically, as well as being able to determine patterns on the multiplication chart. While we will focus on these skills daily, any additional assistance at home in helping your child practice these facts will be extremely beneficial.


We were not able to meet for Genius Hour this week due to Battle of the Books and the Book Fair.

A Few Reminders...

  • Picture Day is next Thursday
  • Signed Friday Folders due Monday, March 21
  • Reading Logs due Monday, March 21
  • SPRING BREAK - no school next Friday, March 25th. School will resume Monday, April 4th.
  • Report Cards will come home Friday, April 15th.

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