Francisco Pizarro

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Birth: Trujillo, Spain; c. 1476

Death: Lima, Peru; June 26 1541

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Pizarro's Banker

Francisco sailed for the country of Spain, going to Columbia and Peru. Yet he had very little money as a farmer so where did Francisco get the money to explore? In 1510 Alanzo de Ojeda took a chance and sponsored Pizarro.
Francisco Pizarro - Mini Biography

Whats so great about Francisco Pizarro?

To start Pizarro was a Spanish explorer and Conquistador discovering South America. While sailing to the west side of South America, Pizarro helped Vasco Nunez de Balboa discover the Pacific Ocean! In 1532 Pizarro conquered a region called Peru and founded the capital city known as Lima, Peru.
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Why or how did Fransisco Pizarro die?

After Pizarro took Cuzco him and his enemy Almargo started the fight of Las Salinas. During the war Pizarro executed Almargo. Almargos friends planned and snuck in and assassinated Fransisco Pizarro.

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Francisco Pizarro