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Mrs. Goostree & Mrs. Eldridge

What's Happening in Reader's Workshop?

We have worked together to establish the expectations of our Reader's Workshop. For independent reading, we are working on building our stamina. Throughout the year, we will add our books we read to our reading list so we can track our favorite books, list the genres, and count how many books we read. We have also discussed genres in both fiction and non-fiction. I am really impressed with how much the students know about what the text characteristics of each genre are. Ask your child about their favorite genre and what about the book makes it a part of that genre.

Keep encouraging your child to read a book for enjoyment at home. In class, we work hard to show our thinking as we read. This means we are pausing to write a quick response to the text. It might be a question about the plot so far or a personal connection we have to the story. This active reading strategy has us thinking deeply about the story and will help us become critical thinkers. Don't be surprised if your child fills their book up with sticky notes while reading at home. Check out what they are thinking!

In Math We Are...

We watched a video tutorial and step by step made an origami jumping frog. Each student made one and I was very proud of how this community of learners helped each other out today. Everyone was working together and I loved seeing how comfortable students were at asking their classmates for help and politely giving help. It was beautiful! The students then got into groups of 4 and had a frog jumping competition. They measured their jumps accurately to the nearest inch and tomorrow each student is going to be creating a line plot to show our classroom jumping data.

Please have your student continue to study their math facts to become fluent in their skills. If you need any resources or flashcards, please let me know and I can send some home.

What's Happening in Writer's Workshop?

It's all about personal narratives right now. The students are writing personal stories about a small moment in their lives. They are working on creating a story that pulls the reader in by putting themselves back in that moment. We have been dreaming our stories and playing it like a movie in our mind. Then, we furiously write down all that we see, hear, and feel. I am so impressed by their stories. Some have shared some very important turning points in their lives and their passion shows through their writing.

We jumped right into writer's workshop the first week of school. As a class, we came up with some strategies to generate story ideas. We wrote about turning points, important moments, places that matter to us, people that matter to us, and we read some great texts that helped to spark our own stories.

Now, students have narrowed their focus onto one story that they will continue to develop over the next few weeks. This means and continual cycle of writing and revising. Each time they revise, they set goals and evaluate in order to make their story the best it can be.

Help Wanted: Art Discovery Volunteer

We are seeking a volunteer or two to bring Art Discovery into our classroom. So just what is Art Discovery?

  • It's the elementary art curriculum of Evergreen Public Schools
  • Coordinated and led by volunteers
  • The monthly program is fun for the students AND the volunteers
  • After sharing some provided visuals, volunteers help the class complete a related art project
  • The program has all the information and support you need to facilitate a lesson.

For more information click here:

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