The Magnificent Marine Animal

Athan Stamis

Introduction <>(((*> = Fish

The big and fearless Great-White Shark has one weakness, it can't stop swimming! That's because it would die. This large and ferocious shark can eat many things and this is because of its body structure. It also can eat many things because of how it moves.

Closing <>(((*>

The big and fearless Great-White Shark has many attributes. The Great-White is not the prettiest thing in the ocean but, it keeps the food chain in line!


Watch this video and see a detective swim with Great-White Sharks.

Great-White Shark Comic Strip

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Go Fish

In my fish tank I decided to do a fictional theme. I included in my fish tank a dragon skull, a wizard castle, and some plants. The fish I picked had to be pretty. I picked a male Delta Tail beta fish, a blue tang and a Neon Tetra, and Veil Tail beta. I also picked a snail and some shrimp to help clean up my aquarium and keep the organisms from decaying in my aquarium. This aquarium is my favorite fish tank ever because I love it’s theme. I like the theme because I really like wizards and dragons.

My Diorama

In my Diorama I included The Great-White Shark, Bottle Nose Dolphin, Clown Fish, Crab, Seaweed, Coral, Octopus, and a Starfish.
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