Apollo 11 Moon Landings

Did America really land on the moon?

Misson Overview

The main objective of Apollo 11 was a goal set by President John F. Kennedy. His goal that he wished to achieve was to "perform a crewed lunar landing and return to Earth," (Loof, 1, 2015.) Apollo 11 took off from Cape Kennedy on July 16th 1969. However, the spacecraft did not land until July 20th 1969. The total time spent in space was 8 days, 3 hours, 18 minutes, and 35 seconds.

Media Perspective 1

There has been a lot of media perspectives on this topic. One of the examples is that the Apollo moon landings are a hoax. At the time this live coverage was aired, some people wasn't sure if they could be the credibility of this source. Some people asked questions the government couldn't answer and suspicions begin to arise. However, nothing has been approved or denied.

Media Perspective 2

Another media perspective is social media. People today have social media, and use to read articles, gossip, and check up on the latest things. However, people back in the 1960's people didn't have social media. People had radios and telephones to connect and communicate with people. Sources were limited at this time.

Media bias

Apollo 11 has some of the most media bias in all of american history. The reason there is so much media bias is because many controversies. One of the biases include the color television aspect of this time. Color recently came out to television earlier that year, and it was finally available for every American households.

Criticism 1

One of the key criticisms of the Apollo 11 moon landing is feminine criticism. Men during this decade felt as if mechanical knowledge and the ability to go to space shall only be for men. Men felt superior to women because the women are supposed to stay home, cook, clean, and raise their families not participate in risky behaviors. Women were not considered for space missions until Sally Ride of 1983.

Criticism 2

Another of the many criticism that relate to the Apollo 11 moon landing of 1969. One perspective is historical criticism. Historical plays a big role in this decade because color television is finally available for all american families across the nation. CBS was the first and only news station to capture the memorable landing. The moon landing had the highest amount of viewers at that time which was 500 million people!
Apollo 11: A Fake Moon Landing?