Gifted & Talented Meeting

November 10, 2015



2. GT Calendars

3. GT Referrals

4. GT Parent/Guardian Communication

5. GT 6 hour update

6. GT Parent Advisory

7. Quality Work and Performance

GT Referrals

  • Pre-Scheduled Meetings and Meetings as Needed
  • December 4th
  • Remember to use the label checklist-critical information
  • Remember to include exemplars; it is helpful to include one on grade level and one above grade level.
  • GT Dates and Referal Timelines

Gifted and Talented Communication Efforts

  • Visit Nacogdoches ISD Website
  • Email parents on your campus
  • Send home campus letter

GT Professional Development

  • GT 6 hour update
  • February 6th
  • February 20th
  • GT 30 hour

How will you obtain documentation on your campus?

GT Parent Advisory Topics


Why are they important?

October 6

February 9

April 7

Budget Review--Requistion Form

Guidelines for Purchase

1. Complete a requisition form.

2. The requisition form should be emailed to your campus principal and campus administrative assistant.

3. They will approve and forward the form to the business office.

4. The business office will approve the form and will forward your campus administrative assistant a Purchase Order Number.

GT Networking

Talk to another coordinator about a program you are working with?

Student seminar, campus project...

Share your ideas!!