The Stock Market Crash


The Wonderful Beginning

It all began on in the 1920's, when the stock market was all the gossip. People saw this as an infallible idea for investing, so they took out all their life saving from banks and put it towards the stock market. The more the citizens invested, the higher the prices went. This happened from 1925 to 1926, followed by a trend that started in 1927.

The Middle

Soon, in 1928, the Stock Market boom had begun, and after this in no way was it seen as a long-term investment. in 1928, people saw it as a way to get rich and wealthy, then as you could expect, everyone was talking about it and the newspapers said ordinary people we're making millions off the stock market. This is when the rate for buying stocks grew very rapidly. Soon in 1929, the real horror began.

The End

In 1929, there was a mini-crash in the stock market. Prices began to drop and bankers weren't making much money to lend to people. By spring of 1929, the economy was headed down hill as steel production, house construction, and car sales lowered in prices and activity. On the morning of October 24, 1929, stock prices fell to the ground. People were sent in a panic, but that afternoon, a group of bankers had invested their own money. Soon the stock market was saved and up and running. That is until 4 days later the stock market fell again, and no one came to try and save it. This put millions of people into panic, shock, depression and this lead to thousands of suicides, and the great depression.
1929 Wall Street Stock Market Crash

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