Life as an AVID Student


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AVID is a program that not only does it prepare you for College but it also prepares you for life and whats ahead of you that's soon to come. I chose these words because it all describes AVID. In AVID you learn so much,including about yourself.Its such a supportive program, plus Our Lovely AVID Coordinator Mrs.Gardener protects us from all bad.AVID supports our dreams and goals. It gives us all AVID kids lots and lots of potential.

About Me

I'm a loud,funny,smiley,goofy,energetic,outgoing,clingy,nurturing, person. I love to hang out with my friends and my family,i love going on amazing adventures.I have green eyes that sparkle in the sun and turn blue-ish when i cry. Im pretty tall and light skin.I'm Mistaken to be Argentinian,white or Salvadorian but I'm really Mexican. I love horseback riding,its really fun plus i love horses so its nice to spend time with my favorite other kind of human.I enjoy playing soccer and watching movies. I'm a June's Baby (June 28) ,I'm pretty much the youngest of all of my friends except for Angie. I love looking sharp but as all girls i have my days were i look dead.I tend to have a smart mouth and to be sassy. I speak up a lot when i dont like something, but in my opinion its a good thing although sometimes it comes with its troubles.

AVID: Big Changes

Avid has change me in several ways. I'm more independent now and that's really a good thing;in my opinion.I remember in 6th grade i was still goofy and everything but i didn't have confidence and I felt as if i needed from everyone and others opinion mattered to me so much.In 7th grade I was still goofy and all,but my confidence improved a bit more, i stood up for myself and was less dependent then I was in 6th Grade.Now that I'm in 8th Grade I Gained a new perspective of life. I learned that what others say doesn't matter,its what you think that counts. Its my future over anything, its what really matters. I'm more organized now, I tend to be a bit messy but nothing out of control.Now that I'm in 8th grade and in my 2nd year of AVID I've really learned to speak up without hesitation. I'm not as scared to talk to a crowd as i used to be. I can safely say AVID has changed me in a good way and I'm appreciative of that,if it wasn't for AVID I wouldn't be who I am Today.

College: OU

I'm in interested in Attending Oklahoma University (OU). The reason I'm interested in assisting this college is because they have a great Criminal Justice program and they offer all the majors I need in order to become a federal agent,so that works well.I also love its location even tho i know Oklahoma is a Tornado Allie and i run risk there.They have Sports that anyone could play , not just for the actual athletes but for anyone who would like to stay fit. They have two Mascots, Sooner and Boomer.Sooner and Boomer are both horses. OU offers you many job opportunity in college,so if you don't want to work outside of campus you can work in Campus and make yourself some money. OU has a fight song called "Boomer Sooner!" it was created in 1905 by Arthur M. Alden a history and physiology student. OU also has In Campus museums, that's pretty cool. I hope to attend OU.

Career: Federal Agent

When i grow up i want to be a FBI federal Agent,that is my dream career that i hope to pursue some day.Federal agents work to stop violations of federal law, from bank robbery to drug trafficking and terrorist activity.Federal Agents frequently relocate since there is crime everywhere and they have special cases to close.Federal Agents must have Skills,Abilities and Knowledge.It helps if your a trustworthy,responsible,mature, and a top notch detective.They investigate complex crimes,conduct surveillance's,arrest fugitives,analyze business records,go undercover, and some even get the opportunity to protect the president for the U.S Secret Service.


To become a federal agent i need to major in Criminal Justice,Psychology, and Criminology.