Crime on the Street

By Casey Rockwell

The three blind mice were walking down the sidewalk one day. They decided it would be funny to chase someone. They ran past a woman strolling her baby and began chasing the farmer's wife. She pulled a carving knife out of her purse and cut their tails off! The lady strolling her baby flagged down a policeman. The policeman then put the farmer's wife under arrest. She was charged with felony assault. She was booked into jail. The next day the farmer paid her bail and she was released until her court date. The grand jury decided to formally charge her. The farmer's wife cried when she was handed an indictment on the charge of assault with a deadly weapon. At her arraignment the judge did not grant her request to dismiss the charges. She accepted the services of the public defender. He suggested that she put in a plea bargain but she refused. On her court date the lady that was a witness on the sidewalk was there. She had a subpoena to appear in court. The farmer's wife was the defendant and the District Attorney represented the prosecution. Her lawyer warned her that perjury was illegal so she must tell the truth in court. The petit jury gave a verdict of guilty to the judge. She was now convicted of felony assault with a deadly weapon. She felt she should have been acquitted so she put in for an appeal, which was denied.