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February 4, 2021

Dear Rosa Parks Families:

February is Black History Month. First, I would like to say that one month is not enough, but rather the history of Black people, Indigenous people and People of Color needs to be integrated into our history lessons all year long. With that being said, this month we will work to celebrate Black History Month. One area that we will be implementing is embracing and educating our students about Rosa Parks, of whom our building was named.

I want all Rosa Parks Families to know that my goal is for Rosa Parks to be a top-notch inclusive school community, where all families are welcomed and involved, diversity is celebrated, and our classrooms are culturally responsive.

We are a great school and yes, we have areas to continue to grow and improve. Please know that as we do this work, we will be working through a lens of equity, race and inclusiveness for all.

The month of February is also “I Love to Read Month”. Many classes and grade levels will be engaging in different activities to celebrate reading and to have fun with reading. I challenge you to try to find some ways this month to make reading special and fun at home too!

Here some ideas in addition to your normal time set aside for reading:

1)Read and act out a play. Add costumes and props to really engage your children in the story. Maybe even record your play to watch and enjoy later!

2)Have a scavenger hunt. Use a newspaper or magazine to encourage your child to find various things, i.e. three words that begin with ‘w’, a picture of a favorite sport/athlete, the temperature in a city you have visited, a title that catches your interest, or a chart or diagram.

3)Dress up as your favorite characters, or encourage your children to do so.

4)Choose a night each week to read aloud. Pick a couple childhood favorites and read them together as a family and discuss why you enjoy these books so much.

5)Make posters or book covers about the book they are reading right now.

The most important thing is that you set the example and expectation that reading happens at home. Make sure to read yourself, your child needs to see you reading too! If you are not a good reader, that’s ok, you can still encourage your child. Make time for reading, make it fun and make it interesting. February is a great time to celebrate books. While it's cold outside, snuggle up with a good book inside.

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Wednesday, Feb. 10...............Distance Learning Wednesday (NO IN-PERSON SCHOOL)

Thursday, Feb 11....................PTO Meeting


In an effort to support reading at home, we will continue to offer students a chance to check out books from the Rosa Parks library. Please know that this is optional!

From home, each student will be allowed to check out two books from the library. Due to limited personnel, please know that there may be a delay after books are selected before they are sent home with your child.

Students will need to return books when finished and before checking out new books.

If you choose to check out a book from the library, follow the directions linked above!

If you have books currently checked out from last school year, you will only be allowed to check out new books once they are returned/paid for. If you're unsure, just call the office!
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Educational Benefits forms are typically known as the annual "Free and Reduced Lunch Forms". Did you know that by filling out this form, you help provide additional funding and resources that benefit students in other ways? These funds help provide our students access to counselors and social workers, as well as additional reading and math support. It can also offset the cost of student activities fees.

Many families have not completed the annual form as they typically would have. Unfortunately, this means that funding for other programs is affected.

We need your help! If you typically fill out the educational benefits form and have not yet done so this year, please do so. If you are not sure if you would qualify, please take a moment and fill out the form. If your family circumstances have recently changed due to loss of employment or other financial burden, you may also qualify.

  1. CLICK HERE for a link to the image above. All applications are confidential!

  2. CLICK HERE for a link to the Educational Benefits Form

  3. CLICK HERE for a letter explaining the educational benefits form.

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DAILY SCREENING - We Need To All Do Our Part To Help Keep Us In School!

~ Daily Home Screening Guidelines: Please remember to complete the student screening each morning and report your child’s information to the school nurse if they have any of the identified symptoms: MAPS COVID-19 Student Screening.

The 3 W's

- Watch your Distance

- Wear a Mask

- Wash your Hands

We continue to work together to keep everyone safe!

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Rosa Parks is a Schoolwide Title 1 School. In the past, Title 1 funds were available to

provide additional support to students who qualified based on their test scores. As a Schoolwide Title 1 school we are now able to utilize those resources more flexibly to support any students that would benefit. This fits wonderfully with our small group instruction blocks when students receive acceleration or enrichment based on their specific needs. Feel free to contact the school if you have questions.

As a parent, you have the right to request information about the qualifications of your child’s teacher(s). For further information, contact Dan Kamphoff, principal at Rosa Parks Elementary.

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