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- Issue 14 - December 7, 2015

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December ....

December has very quickly come upon us! As the days to the holidays tick down, our class is as busy as ever. We are finishing up our unit on "real reading" (thinking + reading), and will be learning in the next few weeks about the "signs" that authors use in their books that call us to pause and think more deeply. WE are also working on publishing our personal narrative pieces - the students have worked hard to learn all about the writing process and are excited to send their stories out into the world!

In math, the students have completed the outcomes that look at adding and subtracting, and will be moving onto multiplication. When looking at multiplication, the researchers tell us it is best to first teach your child to skip count (count by 2's, 5's, 3's, etc.). They also suggest that teaching multiplication starting with the 2's, 5's and 10's is the best to begin, as they can easily connect this to counting by those numbers.

As you know, our class will be hosting a bake sale next week on Wednesday, December 16, in order to raise money to donate to children in need. I know that this time of year is expensive for all of us, so please don't feel obligated to participate, however, please ask your child for their thoughts and what they are working on, as they have become quite passionate about this project!

SO ... How was school today? What did you learn?

This week, ask your child about ...


- editing our personal narratives: cleaning up spelling, adding punctuation and capital letters

- choosing the text for each page of our story


- Noticing when our mind wanders when we read - how to fix without choosing a new book

- Paint chips to monitor our reading

- Reading Signs - "Again and Again"


- Subtracting with borrowing

- Metric Notation (Grade 4)


- Light travelling in a straight line experiment

- Natural and man-made light

- Reflection


"Nice Nice Christmas" & "Christmas Lights" Poem

Upcoming Dates

This Week:

December 7 - Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Later this Month:

December 16 - Bake Sale at Lunch (11:45)

December 17 - Christmas Concert - 1:00 and 7:00

December 18 - Pyjama Day

- Free Hot Lunch

- Last Day of School before Christmas Break!


Grade 3&4 Swimming Lessons will begin in February 2016. Dates TBD.

Books for Christmas?

The students have shown a lot of excitement around books in our classroom. Here are some of the class favourites that might be good to find under the tree this Christmas:

* BabyMouse Series

* LunchLady Series

* Branches Books by Scholastic - (eg. KungPow Chicken, Owl Diaries, Notebook of Doom)

* Ricky Ricotta Mighty Mouse

* Smile - by Raina Telgemeir

* Sister - by Raina Telgemeir

* Babysitter's Club Graphic Novels - Raina Telgemeir

* Jedi Academy

* Any Graphic Novel

If you need suggestions for your child in particular, let me know!