Manatee Elementary Newsletter

November 30, 2018

Upcoming Events

December 03- Fun Town tickets go on sale in the front office all week

December 06 - Manatee Gives Back Presentations, 1st grade music performance 6:00 pm

December 07 - Early Release at 1:15 pm

December 10 - Holiday Shoppe Opens, Fun Town ticket sales all week

December 11 - Holiday Shoppe, Jersey Mikes' Spirit Night (Kindergarten),

December 12 - Holiday Shoppe

December 13 - Holiday Shoppe, Winter Concert at 6:00 pm

December 14 - Holiday Shoppe, Early Release at 1:15 pm

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Writing Wall of Fame

The following students are honored on Manny TV for their great writing.

Kindergarten: Amelia Suttles, Kyndall Lindon, Diego Formigoni-DeSouza, Luke Kanner, Ayden Bowen, Kylie Henry, Ella Pallett, Zachary Netz, Caleb Gassman, Charlotte DeMunda, Jaryn Magley, Lucia Hall, Grayson Ellingson, Colton Kennedy, Hagen Plechaty, Elijah Gonzalez, Noah Brewer, Julia Kraus

First Grade: Joslin Slavik, Claire Agin, Isaiah Hale, Taylor Hayes, Mila Blalock, Lily Knight, Christian Costopoulos, Kirabeth Fults, Isla Amos, Olivia Cahalan, Zach Bernard, Carlin Duerr, Julien Walden, Keziah Dulice, Orion Ayala, Aubrey Meister, Logan Yoder, Anna Moss, Makai McMichael, Matthew Pokorny, Makyah Franklin, Anthony Jesppsen, Anjali Krishna, Logan McConnell

Second Grade: Abigail Leslie, Charlotte Newman, Jasalynn Mauck, Bryce Hudkins, Kayla Gassman, Juliana McHale, Sara Otero, Giuliana Oddo, Mia Ripoll, Ryken Wilson, Henry Whitehead, Wyatt Bailey, Callie Kuehner, Jed Jiang, Colby Smith, Brian Moss, Truitt Mowery, Brady Melloh, Kayleigh Manlove, Brennan Baker, Grayson Reynolds, Logan Werner

Third Grade: Audrianna Fritz, Hayden Wang, Jasmine White, Britton Peralta, Olivia Custodia, Skylar Sturgil, Arianna Stevens, Micah Harvin, Alyssa Moore, Helen LaJuene, Daniyah Bahloul, Liam Kennedy, Holden Apgar, Ava Kraus, Dylan Marden, Skyla Walters

2018 Science Fair Winners - Congratulations!

3rd Grade Biological: 1st place Lily Ravelo, 2nd place Alana Boyland, 3rd place Arianna Brower, 4th place Calvin Shapland, 5th place Nino Palazzolo, Honorable Mention Violet Demunda

3rd Grade Physical: 1st place Austin Drusbosky, 2nd place Zephyr Walker, 3rd place Donovan Aiken, 4th place Michael Pokorny, 5th place Christian Trespalacios, Honorable Mention Madison Pepitone

3rd Grade Environmental: 1st place Olivia Custodia, 2nd place Brady Kramer, 3rd place Nolan Tolley, 4th place Natalie Hughes, 5th place Sal Marchica, Honorable Mention Reagan Breakfield

4th Grade Biological: 1st place Sara Desrochers, 2nd place Avah Welch, 3rd place Thomas Caldwell, 4th place Kenna O'Neill, 5th place Isabella Kapatoes, Honorable Mention Jackson Weiser

4th Grade Physical: 1st place Nolan Carpenter, 2nd place Landon Plechaty, 3rd place Jenson Emerson, 4th place Valentinna Worden, 5th place Damien Henderson, Honorable Mention Christian Otero

4th Grade Environmental: 1st place Diamond Bryant, 2nd place Kaitlyn Peedin, 3rd place Katelynn Burton, 4th place Ethan Gee, 5th place Jasmin Dirsa, Honorable Mention Slade Pulliam

5th Grade Biological: 1st place Olivia Robinette, 2nd place Sophia Thomas, 3rd place Ava Trudeau, 4th place Ryan McClelland, 5th place Oliver Connor, Honorable Mention Kylie Turck

5th Grade Physical: 1st place Ryland Gaboury, 2nd place Chase Kramer, 3rd place Kai Elkins, 4th place Tommy Brown, 5th place Ashley Galus, Honorable Mention Relic Walker

5th Grade Environmental: 1st place Emily Burwinkel, 2nd place Cassandra Harden, 3rd place Sophia Liberto, 4th place Jane Brooker, 5th place Sophia McHale, Honorable Mention Mia Pagliarini

6th Grade Biological: 1st place Lily Shannon, 2nd place Shelby Ward, 3rd place Zoe Sakellaropoulos, 4th place Lucy Medley, 5th place Sarah Spellman, Honorable Mention Trinity Taylor

6th Grade Physical: 1st place Katelyn Healy, 2nd place Kylee Tennis, 3rd place Katherine Lee, 4th place Ben Barnett, 5th place Michael Rodriguez, Honorable Mention Alexander Fontanin

6th Grade Environmental: 1st place Madison McGrory, 2nd place Rachel Hughes, 3rd place Katelyn Fung, 4th place Isabella Brown, 5th place Maggie Shunnarah, Honorable Mention Mckenzie Simmons

Team: 1st place Madalyn England and Laura England, 2nd place Darby Van Rooyen and Lyla Van Rooyen, 3rd place Abigail Collom and Chloe Collom, 4th place Jordan Scott and Camden Scott, 5th place Luca Pinto and Erica Tomchuck, Honorable Mention Owen Osario and Madison Bennett

Best of Show: Ryland Gaboury

School Choice: Chase Kramer

Gift Card Reuse Program

Did you know that used gift cards and old store rewards cards cannot be recycled in your curbside recycle bin? They have to go in the trash, which means these non-biodegradable cards add 75 million pounds of waste to our landfills. What can you do about this environmental issue? Drop your used gift cards or old store cards in the labeled container at the Collection Corner inside the front entrance of the school. The Green Committee and Recycle Brevard will be reusing the cards for crafts such as guitar picks and chalkboard gift tags. Types of cards accepted include gift cards, rewards cards, and hotel key cards.
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