Digital Marketing

Companies are inclined to use Digital Marketing to promote their services and products

What is digital advertisement and marketing?
It is a type of marketing which involves the usage of electronic devices. These devices can be anything, from personal computers, smart mobile phones, cellular phones, tablets, PDAs and gaming boxes and devices. The advertisement will be given by a company on any of these devices in forms of emails, website adverts, pop ups and app adverts etc. For a company, both traditional and electronic advertisements go hand in hand because it creates the perfect reach. However, it has been noted recently that many companies are opting just for digital marketing. This is because of the fact that, the digital form can gives out exact return on investment. A digital advert marketing campaign gives out real time feedback and it in turn enables companies to change what isn’t working in the campaign. Since internet has a huge number of audience, it is general agreed that going the digital way gives you more chances of reaching people. Mediums of digital advertisements are text messages, instant messages, mobile app messages, podcasts, electronic billboards, digital television and radio adverts etc.

Why using digital advertisement marketing is important to companies?
Digital advertisements are pervasive in nature, they can adapt to whatever changes the contemporary world might demand of it. It uses all the features today’s world offers to it, and makes the most of it. With people using mobiles and the internet more often than ever, it has become even more important to penetrate this market for advertisements. With people using apps and websites like Facebook more often, these have become a huge medium to promote your products. It has been seen that, the return on investment on digital based marketing is yield more positives than using the traditional route. This is because of the fact that many people, if they are looking for a product, use search engines first. This is where online advertisement and marketing ploys helps a company to be able to reach the possible customer. Using methods like, SEOs, Blogs, Telemarketing, Social media adverts and Paid searches and info graphic promotion of web designing etc. can yield good ROI for a company. E-mail marketing is also a very effective piece of marketing strategy. In it, a company will send bulk e mails to thousands and thousands of possible customers. In these e mails, a company will endorse their product or services they are offering. This form of advertisement has seen a high percentage of positive response by the companies.