New Year's Market

Randy and Jocelyn's Class

Please join us on Thursday January 28, 2016 from 8:30:am-11:30am for a Potluck Breakfast and Market. This culminates a 5 week long focus on economics. Students have explored:
  1. Bartering and Trading
  2. Wants vs. Needs
  3. Budgeting
  4. Goal Setting (short, mid and long term)
  5. Markets and Competition
  6. Opportunity Cost
  7. Goods/Services
  8. Innovation
  9. Producers/Consumers

Each company (comprised of 1-2 students, self-elected) has spent time working on their business plan that reflects their company business philosophy and goals. The plan outlines potential competitors, product surveys, financial projects and documentation of the creation of their products. (You may have witnessed some aspects of this at home.) All products will be marketed and sold by their respective companies using Nishant Bucks, our classroom currency.

Last year, students spent unlimited amounts of real money on building/making/creating their products in exchange for selling them for fake money. We found that this was an essential lesson the class was missing. Instead of allowing the students this year to buy whatever materials they needed, we developed an exchange rate. One US dollar is equivalent to ten Nishant Bucks. Therefore, each company has 150 Nishant Bucks to trade in for their materials that Randy and Jocelyn purchased from their classroom budget. This was challenging for most of the companies, as they were unfamiliar with the cost of shipping and handling. We directed them towards Amazon Prime where shipping is free with a membership. They spent a good portion of a week trying to figure out and plan for their products while staying within their allotted budget.

Market Agenda

8:30-9:15-------Potluck Breakfast

9:15-9:30-------Clean up food/bring to the lounge etc.

9:30-10:00-----Group 1 sets up to sell

10:00-10:30---Group 2 shops

10:30-11:00---Group 2 sets up to sell

11:00-11:30---Group 1 shops

11:30-12:00---Clean up, get ready for lunch

How Will it Look?

There are 12 companies selling their products and we want to ensure each student gets an opportunity to buy from their peers, so we have divided the companies into two groups.

Group 1: will set up from 9:30-10:00 and sell from 10:00-10:30

  1. Luke
  2. Joe/Hudson
  3. Megan/Ali
  4. William
  5. Ryan
  6. Ava T./Ava VK

Group 2: will set up 10:30-11:00 and sell from 11:00-11:30

  1. Jackson/Julian
  2. Elizabeth/Chloe
  3. Thomas
  4. Ryder
  5. Elise/Danielle
  6. Riley/Sasha

Potluck Breakfast

Wendi and Akudo will be helping us organize our breakfast once more. They will be in touch with more information.