Warehouse Distribution Services In

Pharr, Texas

Pharr, TX, 2015/ Press Release: One of the most critical problems faced by businesses is proper storage of manufactured goods. This, in turn, creates an obstacle in the efficient management of supply chain. As a lot of small and medium enterprises do not have the sufficient funds to invest in a warehouse, they often outsource their storage service to carry out the business operations smoothly.

Santos International is a renowned company providing warehouse distribution services to the businesses in Pharr, TX. Whether you want to store your goods for a few days, weeks or even months, you can count on them. Having served numerous import/ export houses since 1949, Santos International has the expertise to help you control inventory and maximize the warehouse space. Their experienced team is proficient in providing the highest level of security and services for your consignment.

The company understands that managing goods in warehouse is one of the critical links in the efficient functioning of any business. That is why they use integrated information systems to provide you with accurate statistics that can be useful for maximizing sales. Santos International provides tailored solutions to complete accommodate your requirements according to the type of your business, size of operations as well the nature of products that need to be distributed in warehouses.

Benefits of using warehouse distribution services by Santos International:

  • Track inventory in real time

  • Flexibility in services

  • Breaking up of bulk consignments for easy shipping

  • Consolidation of materials from multiple warehouse to a central location

  • Focus on optimizing the supply chain in order to reduce overheads and improve customer experiences

For more information on the warehouse and distribution services provided by Santos International, call at (956) 782 - 1320 or visit their office at 3329 S. Jackson Road, Pharr, Texas 78577. You can also log on to their website www.santosintl.com to know more.