Science Classroom

6th Grade Summer Packet Project for Mrs. Lieberman

Classroom Diagram

In the front of the room we have the smartboard. Then we have the teacher's lab bench which is in front of the smartboard. Right next to the teacher's lab bench is the teacher's desk. It's shaped in a L so that the teacher can talk to her students. Across from the teachers desk is storage. The storage is used for science books and lab supplies. In the middle of the room we have the desks which are in groups of four. The desks are in the shape of a pyramid so that all the students can see the board. In the back of the room we have the lab. The lab has a sink and a nice counter top. We also have lots of posters and diagrams on the wall and around the room.

Lab Supplies

Science classroom


This would be my storage.

Lab in the back of the room

This would be how it looked.