Great Gatsby

by jenny szwejkowski

The Great Gatsby Party Scenes

The Parties

the parties shown in the movie desplay the fashion and lifestyle well. But the colors were more vibrant than they actually were. It was considered sexier than what typical flappers would have worn during the 1920's. Also the men did not wear tuxedos. instead they wore suits with a tail-coat. overall the movie was exagreated in comparison to what they actully wore.
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Valley of Ashes

The valley of ashes between west egg and New York City consists of a long stretch of desolate land created by the dumping of industrial ashes. This city was repensentation of the poor during the 1920's. not everyone was living a luxurious lifestyle during this time. about 1/5 of the population was struggling. The scene in the movie did extremly well in desplaying this.
The Great Gatsby - Young and Beautiful Scene (Lana Del Rey)


if you were rich during the 1920's you bought a large house (basiclly a mansion). people often bought more than they needed. they had the money to spend so they would buy things like extra rooms and multipul pools. lthey even had large dinning rooms when they dont even have a large family to feed. they have extravigent kitchens but they have someone cook their food and never actually enter the kitchen. basiclly they were spoiled. the great gatsby movie desplayed this very well.