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An Update from your Mankato East Administration Team

April 16, 2021

Dear Students and Families,

Happy Spring! Although this week hasn't really felt spring-like, we're starting to appreciate the longer days and warmth in the air. These encouraging changes in the weather turn our thoughts to spring planning and wrapping up our school year. Although it's hard to believe, this unprecedented school year is coming to a close and, as we wrap up, there are a few changes we need to put on your schedule.

Last Week of School

In a 'normal' school year, we would have final exams during the last week of school. All of our students would have had a modified schedule based upon final exams. However, we all know this has not been a normal year. Therefore, we will not be holding final exams.

Instead of a final exam schedule, we will run an assignment completion and credit recovery week June 1-4. This means that any student in good standing will not be required to attend school during the last week of June 1-4.

Based upon an individual student's academic standing and family preference there are a few options.

  • Students who are failing a course are required to report to school on their normal schedule.
  • Students who want to improve their grades should report to school on their normal schedule.
  • Students who are satisfied with their grades are not required to attend school.
  • Students who prefer to be in school or need to be in school to receive special services should report to school on their normal schedule.

Here are some things students and families can think through as they plan for the last week of school:

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Why are we Changing the Schedule Again?

We are still operating under the Minnesota Department of Education and Governor Walz's Safe Learning Plan. The Safe Learning Plan states that school districts should make every attempt to "do no harm" to students' academic and future goals as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.

By offering students an opportunity to complete work with direct assistance from their teachers during the last week of school, we can help students recover from some of the impacts that COVID 19 has had on their education over the past year. This could be the difference between passing a class and earning credit or not, and it's important that we give our students who need that extra time the opportunity to have it.

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Grades and Reporting

Grades will be reported in the same manner as they were at the end of 1st semester this year. Students who have earned a passing grade will be given the letter grade they have earned A-D-. Students who have not earned a passing grade will receive an NC (No Credit) on their transcript.

No Credit (NC) indicates that you have not met the standards and requirements for the course. No Credit (NC) will not negatively impact your GPA, however, you may have to take the course over again or complete a credit recovery option to be eligible to graduate.

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Class of 2021, your commencement date is set for June 4, 2021! We continue to plan for this event and will keep you and your families updated with new information as we move forward.