Apps for Educational use

EDU 210 by: Ian Kerr

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Duolingo is an app used to learn new languages at the user's own pace. Available on Android, Apple, and Windows devices, Duolingo is available to a wide userbase. On top of these mobile apps, an in-browser app can be accessed if a mobile device is not available.

Having used Duolingo myself, I am familiar with the functionality of the app, and can guide my students through problems if necessary.

Duolingo Intro
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Lumosity presents a mind exercise that students would be able to do a few days a week to keep their minds active. Lumosity specializes in training memory and attention by providing logic games to users.
Science Behind Lumosity
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AlphaBetty Saga

An app for younger students, AlphaBetty Saga is a vocabulary-building game with cartoonish art aimed at elementary. The goal for students is similar to a word search, to connect individual letters in a chain to form the target words. The user gets to progress at their own pace, or can test themselves in timed levels.
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Math Challenge - Brain Workout

This app is meant to be a test-your-own-skills exercise for math. There are 270 questions of increasing difficulty for students to work through, and could be a suitable replacement for the "Mad Minutes" worksheets that are popular during elementary mathematics.
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Fit Brains Trainer

In a similar take on the Lumosity app, Fit Brains Trainer uses activities designed to improve memory and attention span in students. What sets this app apart from Lumosity is the wider range of products that are offered for specific skillsets, ranging from focus to speed to language, and also includes an adventure game targeted at younger children.