13 Reasons Why

A mind changer


This book makes me think about how easily we can affect other’s life. A rumor, a

comment, something small and innocent, can really hurt someone without the

others noticing it. We will never know what kind of pain and agony we are adding to

the person. Hannah was trapped in what she called the snowball effect, where one

thing leads to another, until things get out of hands.A small rumor leaded to a series

of events, getting only uglier and uglier.Every little thing a person did made her

more depressed, and she couldn't seek help from anyone. She was on her own,

carrying the burdens that was slowly crushing her. Nobody knew what she was

going through until one day, she collapsed.

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Be Careful

Beware of what you do and what you say…

You can impact someone’s life without even acknowledging it. You can hurt

someone without even realizing what you are doing.

You can be the reason for someone to end their life…