San Juan Capistrano

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Mission history

San Juan Capistrano was built and didacated on 1775 and 1776.San Juan Capistrano was out number 7.Building of a mission church involved everyone in the mission community.Priests were engineers and artichitects.Native Americans did the construction.Mission Indian in front is pouring adobe mix into a brick form.Bricks were the dried in the sun.Father Junipero Serra was the founder of the mission.10,000 people lived at the mission.October 30,1775 and November 1,1776.Southren California was the location.

Daily life

Who lived at the mission were soldiers, priests. Men jobs were: carpenters , saddlemakers, gardening ,vineyard planters , cleaning fields , field plowing , crop harvesting.Women jobs:grinding corn , carrying for the sick , preparing meals , raising children helping with grain threshing , weaving cloth , washing clothing , gathering firewood.Girls jobs were:learned to cook , weave wool cloth.Boys jobs were:become apprentices to master like craftsmen , or began working in the fields or construction project.Corn was grown.Yes there was a school.Yes there is a church.Yes even buildings like workshops.The Indians or Soldiers didn't have free time cause they were always busy.In the morning all they did was teach religion , language , prayers.

Mission Today

Yes the mission is open today.Yes there is a church in service called Mission Basilica.Yes the mission does have a museum.Yes it is still open.


Kathleen J.Edgar and Susan E. Edgar Mission San Juan Capistrano

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