SPED Update

Week of January 19th

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This week's PARCC Training

Don't forget we have some resources for the PARCC training planned for this week if you are teacher either English 9 and 10 or Algebra 1 or Geometry. If you'd like to attend just to get the info feel free. Those whom this involves should have received a Google invite.

English PARCC Training: Thursday the 22nd 12:30-1:45

Math PARCC Training: Tuesday the 20th 12:30-1:45

Question and Answer Session: Friday the 23rd 12:15

ESY Services: Please let me know if you are referring students BY Tuesday AM, tomorrow

If you are aware of an ESY need for a specific student as you continue to have IEP renewals please remember to write ESY services directly into the IEP. This will save you time amending it later. Don't forget to bring the appropriate documentation and have the ESY commitment form signed by parents.

ALL ESY services should be written into IEP's my the beginning of May.

Transfer Meetings *Important Change*

Just as in all IEP's no section of an IEP can be blank. Even if it is blank in the IEP that the student came with, we must provide information in each blank spot of the IEP.

For example: If a student comes to us as a transfer and has no transition assessments or post-secondary goals. We can not JUST type in what the old IEP has written and leave it blank. Instead, we have to do a transition assessment, provide appropriate data and fill in all blanks that the old IEP left blank.

You can still choose to retype to old IEP (and provide any blank information) or you can choose to rewrite the IEP as a brand new one (expiring 1 year from the day you write it)

Graduating Seniors (June or August)

Please take a second and note if your students are on track to graduate, make comments as needed.


Please have this completed for the week of exams: BY JANUARY 23rd

Teaching Preferences

If you've got any preferences let me know by JANUARY 23rd :)

Some Valuable Determination Information


There have been some open conversations surrounding determinations and re-determinations as of late. This google doc outlines most of what you already know but... there are some valuable graph resources and templates.

*I plan on sending you all some condensed outlines and info asap, so you don't have to keep going into 123,859 documents.*

Got nothing but love for Tom but... this is funny!

Tom Brady Can't Get A High-Five PSA | What's Trending Original

As time carries on... it is clear to see what outstanding teachers and advocates you all are. I am so proud of all of the work you all do on a daily basis. You are all more than willing to do what it takes. From paper work to putting out fires, to helping to educate your students. Your awesomeness shows!!