Kansas City Royals chase the crown

Kansas city royals

The playoffs

The royals are 1 game away from getting to the world series. The royals Have done good this post-season. They beat the Astros in 5 game. They were down by 4 in game 5 of the ALDS but they came back and won that game and then went to win game five and go to the ALCS. Now the royals are 1 win away from making it to the world series for the second time in a row.

The season

“If you're playing for Kansas City Royals about all you can do is beat your head on the wall” John Kruk said that. But now I bet you he is regretting that. The royals right now are 1 win away from winning the American league championship for the second time in 2 seasons. The royals have been doing very well this season. they finished off the season with a 95-67 record 28 games above five hundred. They lost a crucial player in the season to an injury but they held strong throughout the time that Alex Gordon was hurt. By acquiring Ben Zobrist. Ben Zobrist batted a 284 batting average and had 7 home runs. Salvador Perez also had a great season he had 21 home runs


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