How to Choose a Good Golf Bag?

How to Choose a Good Golf Bag?

As a golf bag is used for packing all the things golf players use when they play golf, so the quality of the bag may affect the performance of golf players. Therefore, it is vital for golf players to choose a good golf bag. Choosing a good golf bag requires some knowledge and skills.

Basic knowledge of golf bag
A golf bag is an equipment for packing all the things a golf player needs upon playing, such as golf shafts, balls, and golf head covers. Generally speaking, a golf bag is represented as a cylindrical shape. It can be divided into three types according to the diameter: a full package of golf shaft bag (diameter 19-21cm), and quasi-half set of golf shaft bag (diameter about 18cm), and half set of golf shaft bag (diameter 15 -17cm).
In addition, golf bags can be divided into male bags, female bags and children bags. Children bags are for children from 6 years old to 14 years old and it can be placed with 5 to 6 golf shafts, that is to say, a 5 iron, a 6 iron, a 9 iron, a 3 iron, a putter and a sand iron.

Golf bags are made of leather or nylon. Currently, the leather golf bags are relatively few in the market while the mixed fabric products or the nylon bags are abundant. The latter one is economical and competitive in price with good quality and endurance.When choosing a golf bag, special attention should be paid to invisible snaps, rivets and zippers (brass preferred) to check their firmness and the balance of the bag standing on the ground.

What makes a good golf bag?
1.Moderate weight: between 3.5-6.5 pounds.
2.Double shoulder straps: 98% of light golf bags are with double shoulder straps. Double shoulder straps can support the back, which will help balance and reduce fatigue.
3.Easy to carry and unload: Not all the double shoulder straps bag is easy to carry and unload. Some of them are so fixed that they can cause problems when players use them.
4.Stable stand: the stable stand should be light and stable, easy to open and close.

Knowing the above-mentioned tips for choosing a good golf bag, you can find a good and suitable one.