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Late Summer 2017

Me, working my R+F biz for the past year ...

Mariah Carey dance skills

Me, going forward ...

Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
Hello, everyone.

First, I want to apologize for being an absent leader this year. It's been a rough go. I know each of us has had daunting challenges this year or going back a couple of years.

But, I am supposed to be a team leader, and i haven't been. I'm ready to move this forward.

To my direct consultants, I don't want this much time to go by again without seeing you! You'll be hearing from me soon to set up a date to catch up. We are friends first, and I miss you!

In the meantime, please reach out if you need anything: advice, help, product, marketing ideas. I do best in this business when I am engaged with my PCs and my team.

Baby steps

Let me reiterate that if you are happy where you are in business, I'm happy. If you want just a little extra fun money, there is no pressure to do more. If you want to reach the highest levels, I will help you get there as best I can and bring in top leaders to help you where I can't.

I'm going to get back to the monthly, or at least bimonthly, team newsletter. My plan is to try out new strategies and then share with you what worked for me and what didn't.

I have set a goal of L5 by my next birthday in March. I only need to add four EC legs. That's nothing, you guys! I can do it, you can do it. We all can.

Here is the first step I've taken:

Building a brand

You may have noticed me posting more frequently about business on my personal Facebook page. I am working hard to "put myself out there."

I realized a couple of months ago that there were friends who may not even know my side business exists. That had to change. I asked myself if R+F would be among the top five things Facebook friends knew about me ... or even the top 10. The answer was no.

So, I now make an effort to post on my personal page daily, either giving info about a product, teaching people about the advantages of direct sales or planting seeds about joining my team.

The key is that this cannot be the ONLY thing you post about. That's when you lose friends. But if I post about my main interests (baseball, wacky animal videos, mid-mod architecture, S Factor and feminism or current events, among others), then adding in one R+F post should not annoy anyone. Think about it this way: Everyone shares what's important to them: their kids, a new hobby or a home project they are psyched about, a big work assignment, an upcoming life event, new exercise program, recipes, etc. You don't have to be interested in everything a friend posts, but it also probably doesn't annoy you that they share it.

The result: When I talk with friends now or have a lunch with someone, they often bring up R+F before I do. People are starting to get that this is an important part of my life. That opens the door for a conversation and sets aside awkwardness.

Nobody is going to post a comment on your post saying "Oh yes, I'd like to join your team today." But people do notice. I have seen it evolve first-hand.

What doesn't work: When I borrow a post idea from someone else without taking the time to make it sound like "me," it is largely ignored. When I make it personal to me it gets a lot more interaction. When I add a picture of myself with other team members, it blows up with likes and comments. The more personal it is, the more friends will take notice.

Try it out: Make a list of what a casual acquaintance would learn about you by looking at a week's worth of your Facebook or Instagram posts. Work on making sure your side business is one of those aspects of your life that someone associates with you. Then start posting about your business, trying to keep a ratio of one R+F nugget per every five posts.

If you only post once a week or less, make an effort to increase that over time until you are more comfortable with it. Then weave in R+F posts.

Let me know how it works!

Next month ... patience is a virtue.


Happy birthday to Jan (August) an Kacie (September)!

Happy Rodanniversary to Jan and Kacie (in August)!

Welcome back to California, Jan! We're happy to have you home!


Mo' money
Be sure to check the Incentives/Events/Training Roundup to track promos from all groups and start racking up those bonuses. Please reserve this roundup for those within my team. Please ask me for access to this document.

Lead the Way
You should all have your account set up on the Lead the Way page. This program gives you tangible rewards to work for to help you grow your business. Consultants who participate in the LTW program earn an average of 3.5 times more PSQV than those who do not.

Customer service
Manage your PCs' accounts as their concierge. Send thank-you cards after the first order. Check on their progress. Use your CRP to stock up on PC gifts or hold raffles. The more you engage with PCs and offer beneficial tips (not just reminders to reorder), the stronger your relationships will be. To keep them, give them better service than they get at Macy's.

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