Rogue Community College


  • At the Redwood RCC campus in Grants Pass, Oregon, I can take a the criminal justice class that they offer so that I can later become a police officer and then have a chance to become a K-9 unit officer.

Cost, Admissions, and Enrollment

  • Cost: tuition $95 , no dorm rooms because community college
  • Admissions: Complete the online application and placement test
  • Enrollment: According to Education news. org , there are 5,441 students attending RCC with a 17:1 student ratio

Location info

  • RCC is on the outskirts of Grants Pass, Oregon
  • There are many things to do in oregon including biking, hiking, running, and rafting.
  • The weather there sticks to the seasons like most places, but unlike other places, Grants Pass's weather can change in an instant.
  • Around Grants Pass there is many trees and mountains

Paying for college

  • My step-Dad has a 529 college savings plan set up for me that will help pay for a lot of college, the rest I will make a plan for to pay for when I raise enough money from my job.
Deadline for FAFSA:

  • I plan to apply for the Criminal Justice AAS Degree

High school classes

Some High school classes that would be good to take in order to prepare for being a police officer are:

  • Psychology
  • Some sort of PE class to stay in shape
My main goal in high school is to learn as much as I possibly can.