Anchor Weekly

A newsletter for Alta Vista Staff~Week of Dec. 18 and Jan. 5

Don't Forget! Next Week's Calendar

  • District Training on Monday, December 18
  • Campus Training on Tuesday, December 19 **You can wear jeans!**
  • Secret Santa Reveal on Tuesday, December 19
  • Teacher Work Day on Wednesday, January 3
  • Start of 2nd Semester on Thursday, January 4
  • Data PLCs (Gr 1-5) on Friday, January 5


  • RtI Updates on Monday, January 8
  • Family Reading Night Planning Meeting on Tuesday, January 9 at 3:30 pm (Room 3)
  • Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, January 10
  • Grade Level House Parties during Specials on Wednesday, January 10
  • UIL Team Rosters due to Helton Thursday, January 11
  • Kindergarten ABC Parade on Friday, January 12
  • Planning PLC with Judy York on Friday, January 12

Calendar Link:

Triad Meetings + Action Plan

Based on feedback, your updatedAction Plan with a focus on student communication should be turned in before you leave on Tuesday, December 19 to Mrs. Logan

Action Plan:

From Your Captain

Make sure you are clear on what the TEK/content objective is for the lesson and that it is clear to students. Reading objective for lesson should be tied to the comprehension skill that is focus on shared reading and reinforced during guided reading. The same correlation should take place for other content areas.

Be specific on how you will assess student learning in lesson plan to ensure there is a clear way for you to know as a teacher if students are successful on skill you are expecting students to master. How will you know if students have mastered skill?

Conscious Discipline

Make sure that you are reteaching procedures on Thursday and Friday when we return from our holiday break.

Emergency Drill Clarifications

During a lockdown DRILL, you should put a red/green card in your window to let us know all students are accounted for. Students should be hiding out of the way of all windows. If you do not have a way to lock your door, students should go to the nearest room with a locking door. Make sure your substitutes understand this procedure.

For all drills, if a student is not with you, you should be holding up a red card. It doesn't matter if this student is in a pull-out program like dyslexia or with the nurse in the office. If you can't see the student (but the student is at school) then you must hold up a red card.

Reading Night Plans

Anyone who is interested in helping with reading night is invited to attend our Family Reading Night meeting on Tuesday, February 9 at 3:30 pm in Room 3. Our annual reading night will be during the week of Valentine's Day. Our theme is "Falling in LOVE with a Great Book!" Please send Mrs. Helton your ideas for the night by adding them to the Google Doc below:


UIL Team Rosters are due to Mrs. Helton by Thursday, January 11. Just email your 3 names + alternate. Mrs. Helton will then give you a form letter to send home to parents.