App Task Challenge

Explore Seesaw App with iOS or Android device

•Tap on the green circle with the white plus sign in the upper right hand corner
•Tap on the “Photo” icon. Take an picture of something interesting by tapping on one of the green buttons at the bottom of your screen, taking note that when the image appears you now have some tools available to you at the bottom of the page.
Tap on the microphone icon and record a quick note about the picture that you took. Tap the red microphone when done recording. Tap the green circle in bottom right hand corner if satisfied with your recording. You can now listen to your recording by tapping on the play button below your image.
Let’s annotate our image! Tap on the pencil icon. Change the color of your pencil by sliding your finger up or down on the color prism located on the right side of the screen. Add your signature to the image in the lower right hand corner. Next, trace the image with a different color. Tap the green circle in bottom right hand corner when done.
•Time to add some text to our image. Tap on the “T” icon. Enter today’s date, time and your location.
•Tap on the green circle in the upper right hand corner. Tap on “Everyone.” By tapping on “everyone” you have sent what you just created to all student in your class. Think of how you could use this as a great way to send an example to your students.

We just created a simple assignment in which you took a simple photo, annotated it and recorded your voice. We didn’t even get into the video, note or link option. Play around with these other options and think of how you could use Seesaw in your classroom!