What is Ecstasy?

Ecstasy is a designer drug. It can be made with things far and between. Ecstasy is also named Cadillac, Snacks, and Lover's speed along with many more. You almost never know what is going to be in this drug; this is what makes it so dangerous, it could even have LSD or Heroin in it along with Rat poison or dog deworming medication. It is also told to amplify the feelings when one touches or caress another. This is a drug that doesn't only kill you slowly but can also kill you in one day of use, without ever having used it before expect for that one night. This drug, can be eaten by pill, injected into the blood stream, can be in a drink, or even be on a "postage" stamp.
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The History

It was first made in 1912 by a Merck pharmaceutical company. In it's old form it was called MDMA. It was used in 1953 for psychological warfare tests. It then went "underground" again an wasn't heard until the 1960's as a psychotherapy medication to lower inhibitions. It wasn't used until the 1970's that it was being used as a party drug, during this time it was perfectly legal. In 1985 however the named "Ecstasy" or "MDMA" was banned for health concerns; Sense then it has been an illegal drug.

The Statics of Ecstasy..

This drug like most others can causes depression, major or minor it will most likely end up causing depression. Along with sleep problems, since this drug keeps you awake and has you keep partying even if you reach your limits. Then as a last one, confusion. One person thought at one point a glass bottle (didn't say) was an apple and started eating it; it wasn't until her mouth was filled with glass did she understand what she was doing. Those were three short term affects, here are three long term effects. After a long time of use it can kill your nerves. It makes it so either your body doesn't feel anything at all, or very little at a certain points. It can also caused kidney damage, liver damage, brain damage. All from the side effects of this sole drug, it literally kills you very slowly. It has also killed a fourteen year old girl who has taken the drug.
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four surprising statistics.

The first one is that it can kill nerves. How about taking it one night then after addiction a year later you can't use your arm as well as you could? I mean that is beyond terrible. Second, it can have rat poison in it. Who will willingly try something that could have rat poison in it? Really? Third, Young people have died from the dehydration, exhaustion and heart attack as the direct result (or most of the blame) from taking too much of it. Even just little amount of Ecstasy can be so toxic that it can poison the nervous system and then cause irreparable damage.