A fragile history

What are ceramics

Ceramics are a nonmetalic, inorganic, solid material. They are made from clay and small amounts of water. Some ceramics are made from clay that was dug up from the ground. Some kinds of ceramics are made with a lot of water,and others are made with mud or dirt. Some people used clay for building their houses and then they would cover it with mud to keep it together.

Fun facts

  • Did you know that keramos also means "burnt earth" (lee).
  • Did you know that Marco Polo was actually going to China to search for gold and instead of finding gold he found clay and it ended up getting wet and
  • Did you know that slip gets poured into a mold and put into the kiln to dry (YouTube).
  • People are not actually sure when ceramics were created but they say 25,000 is probably pretty close (Wikipedia).
  • Clay also was used for building houses and they added mud to it to keep it strong also they used it for tables and chairs (encyclopedia.com).


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