Cleanse and Restore Class

March 31st 6:00 pm

30 Day Detox

Spring is here… well at least we think. Are you looking to get into your summer wardrobe? Are you looking to feel great and look great?

Have you ever gone to the gym and worked out day after day , week after week, and still don’t see the changes you deserve. This is because we need to start with the inside before we can shape the outside.

Spring is the most traditional time to do a cleanse and clear out that sluggish, heavy, cold-weather build-up in your system. But doing a cleanse does not mean you have to starve, drink nasty concoctions or go to the bathroom 10 times a day!

By simply using whole foods and doTERRA's Cleanse and Restore Kit you can:

1. Have more energy for everyday life
2. Reduce cravings - for junky processed foods that are dragging you down and sabotaging your health
3. Gain clearer thinking and better focus
4. Improve your digestion - less heartburn, gas, bloating and constipation
5. Glowing and clearer skin
6. Most important, prevent future health problems and take control of your health!

While doing a whole food cleanse you are not starving yourself but instead feeding your body real food and getting a lot more nutrients than you are used to, feeling amazing. You will be rebuilding your adrenals and boosting your metabolism. My ultimate wish and hope is that you will carry this into your life after the cleanse and realize how really satisfying and simple it is to be healthy.

Monthly County Road Continuing Ed Class

Open to everyone on the County Road Team

More classes topics and dates to be announced!


Come learn more and try samples.


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