8th Grade Distance Learning


Hello parents and students. We're glad you're here. While this is not the end to the school year we were expecting, we are still just as dedicated to serving families and providing the best education we can.


  • Students should make sure they are familiar with Google Classroom (and reach out to teachers for help if they don't! We are here to help!)
  • Our goal is that students would log into Google Classroom at least once per day, checking all subjects--English, Math, and Science.
  • Students should check Music and PE at least once per week.
  • Students should submit work on Google Classroom on the day it is due.
  • Each teacher has office hours and optional Zoom meeting times. Please take advantage of these if you need help!
  • Give yourself grace! This is a new and potentially challenging time for a lot of people. We are all doing the best we can!


If students have questions about the work or would simply like to check in with friends and teachers, here are the times for bi-weekly zoom meetings for each subject area. (Note: specific links to each zoom meeting will be posted on the specific teacher's Google Classroom.)

Math: Mon. & Wed. from 1:30-2:15

Science: Tues. & Thurs. from 11:30-12:15

English: Tues. & Thurs. from 1:30-2:15

NOTICE: If you were planning to attend the DC/New York trip, please email Mrs. Eoff at eeoff@eesd.net with your decision about switching to a 2021 date.

Weekly Agendas

You have the option to check here each Monday morning to make sure you know what to do this week in each class!

English: Posted below. HERE is an online version of To Kill a Mockingbird for free!

Science: Assignments will be posted daily on Google Classroom! Please check there!

Here is a LINK to a video with helpful instructions from Mrs. Wilson.

Math: Assignments will be posted daily on Google Classroom for mathematics. Google Classroom will include a problem of the day, a daily assignment and math help videos. Go to the classwork tab in Google Classroom, go to the current week and then to the current day for all assignments.

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Teacher Emails

Mr. Randolph -- Math wrandolph@eesd.net

Mrs. Wilson -- Science lwilson@eesd.net

Ms. Marker -- English lmarker@eesd.net

Mr. Henning -- PE mhenning@eesd.net

Mr. Bloyd -- PE kbloyd@eesd.net

Mrs. Ayabe -- Music vayabe@eesd.net

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