The story is set in Detroit. Our character is a 15 year old boy who who rejects society and continues to have imaginary friends. The story consists of the wild adventures that they go on and facing all of the adversity of people telling him that having imaginary friends is wrong. Over the years Timmy meets Jaleel and after Timmy saved his life the two become the best of friends and start a gang called the crips.


Timmy: The boy with the imagination rejecting social conformities and containing to have imaginary friends despite losing all of his peers.

Captain Tyrone: Timmy's best (imaginary) friend he is the one who protects and gives Timmy advice along the way. Although he is a super hero he has a fatal flaw in which he disrupts the wifi signal for everyone wherever he goes which makes people hate him.

Kcor: Timmy's pet rock. He has the special ability to fly and severely injure people when he makes contact with them. But he is truly a passive creature and only hurts people under the influence of others.

Mom: Timmy's mother. She is one of the people trying to influence Timmy to stop having imaginary friends. Towards the end of the play Kcor kills her.

Jaleel: The antagonist of the story, he is the one who is constantly harassing Timmy and beating him up. The reason he does this is because he is afraid that Timmy's imaginary friends will tell his imaginary friends where he is because they have been trying to kill him for years. Timmy and his imaginary kill Jaleel's and Jaleel and Timmy become best friends.