Nike Sustainability Program

Nike is better than everything!

Nike's products

Nike produces anything from baseball apparel to watches and shoes. Nike is one of the biggest name brand clothing businesses in the entire world.

Sustainability efforts

Nike has changed into company that is trying to reduce the waste produced in their supply loop. They are doing this by trying to produce on a closed loop that uses only material that can be recycled into other products. Also they innovated a system called ColorDry that uses no water to dye their products and reduces the hazards material in the process of dying.


It takes 30 liters of water to dye a t-shirt using traditional dyeing methods. ColorDry technology removes water from the dyeing process by using recycled CO2 to infuse fabric with intense, saturated color. Since the 1990s, Nike has collected more than 28 million pairs of used athletic shoes, recycling them into new gear and incorporating them into thousands of sports gear.

Environmental concers

Nike is concerned in every area of the environment. They are emliminating wast with the use of flyknit technology. The reduction of the use of water using the ColorDye technology. They also have a restricted substance list that helps them not use as much hazardest substances.

Cool Facts

1. A Code of Conduct is put in place everywhere in the Nike Inc. that makes emploies wor for the better of the environment.

2. FlyKnitt technology takes old shoes and stitches them into new products for strength and support.

3. The MAKING app is designed to help others make smarter decisions in the material they put in their product.